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Grand Coteau Novice Class of 2007-2008

Back Row:    John Hough, Sylvester Tan, Stephen Pitts, Marc Fryer, Paul Frederick
Front Row:   Chris Harris, Jason LaLonde, Matthew Fish, Matthew Baugh, David Moore

Welcome to the Vocation Section
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The photo above was taken a few weeks after the five new men arrived in Grand Coteau to join the second-year novices. These men have just been officially invited into the Novitiate and given their black clerical shirts and collars. You can check out the "before" and "after" look!

We hope that you will enjoy meeting, in a virtual sort of way, some of our novices past and present. From this visit we also hope that you will learn about our Jesuit vocation, our life, our work as well as about upcoming vocation events.

Meet the Second-Year men
who entered the Novitiate in 2006.

Meet the new First-Year men
who entered the Novitiate in 2007.

Meet the Vocation Director
of the New Orleans Province, Fr. Marvin Kitten, S.J.

A Day in the Life of a Young Jesuit
gives you a glimpse into the formation and life of a Jesuit from Novitiate through final studies. You will follow the current novices through some of their varied experiences, and you will also get to see what happens in life after the novitiate!

Vocation Information
will provide you with a variety of resources on vocations and allow you to request additional information.

Fr. Marvin Kitten, S.J.
Vocation Director
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